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Images - Electric Power Generators - 20 KW Generac's Nexus™ Controller
Generac's Nexus™ Controller is the most comprehensive available. The dual line, tri-lingual LCD display allows for easy monitoring and management of generator functions.Generac’s OHVI® engine is the only engine designed specifically for generator use, and has a significantly longer period between scheduled maintenance checkups than competitive engines.Aluminum, all-weather enclosure prolongs the life of your generator with corrosion resistant protection from the elements, making it ideal for salt-air coastal climates. Modeled to withstand winds up to 150 mph. A Base fascia comes standard, providing protection against debris and rodents and completing the stylish look of your generator.Simple field conversion from natural gas to LP.
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Oldominion Electrical Supply
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TruePower™ Technology provides clean, smooth operation of sensitive electronics and appliances.QuietTest™ Modefor a weekly self-test that runs quieter than other brands.External GFCI Outlet safely provides greater external usability during a power outage.Hour meter monitors run time, providing information to determine maintenance intervals.External "At-a-Glance" indicator lights offer an easy way to tell generator status without opening the generator enclosure.      

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